Autumn Statement

The pitiful thing is, Osborne Cameron et al think they are right and that we love and support them.

They seem oblivious to how much they are hated by the majority of citizens in Britain. How much longer can we go on suffering ‘Austerity’? There is real poverty, hunger and hurt happening and we appear to be just putting up with it. Moaning and sitting on sofas writing on blogs.. rather than getting up, getting out and doing something about it.

People are allowing their Government to fleece, gouge, rob – whichever word you prefer – them and give what they deserve, what they’re owed, to those already wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. Bankers, hedge funds, other politicians, the upper classes..

We must – must – resist this. It must start NOW, before it’s too late. How many people have to die of cold this winter, go hungry or fall ill and lose their jobs, if they indeed still have one?



Are all politicians bad?

I still think George Galloway is a good bloke (despite being a bit of a dick sometimes), there are no doubt several back benchers who are decent hard-working people (whilst claiming lots of expenses they don’t really need), and on the News yesterday – and always – Alex Salmond has it exactly right. He works WITH the citizens, seems to have genuine care and affection for them, and Scots people on the whole seem fond of him.

Who represents the wishes and needs of people in Wales? I don’t even have a name to give you on that front..

I loathe Clegg because he is a turncoat – he is helping to implement policies that are essentially anti-LibDem and anti-Liberal. He’s done this, is doing this, because he wants to be liked.

Cameron, Osborne etc. are just horrid people. They are Tories. The two things go together.

People like Gove.. well, who knows what HIS problem is. He’s just a vile human being with an agenda that reflects his sociopath tendencies.

The most honest politicians working today are Union politicians: John McInally, Dave Nellist for instance.