Mood Diary 2

28.8.14 8am

Awake very early, 2ish then later at 4.15am. Lots of thoughts & ideas. Now, mood stable, but I realise I have tears in my eyes and am lower than I thought, and dropping.

9am. Much lower – dread, hopleless, tears. Mild obsessive/compulsive thoughts and actions – everything on the table is now parallel to each other and to the lines of the tiles. Trying to catch my breath, some chest pain. Anxious.

10.15am. Minor panic attack.

10.45am. Actually, not sure I came out of the high entirely. Don’t know. Confused over it. No idea what my mood is at the moment. Though I just ordered a few small things on amazon.. then started a text argument with ex-wife over a minor custody breach by her today.

12.30pm Managed to calm down and now mood stable.

2pm. Stable. Just found 2 more unopened USB drives I’ve bought recently. This makes 4 new ones, oops.

7.30pm. Stable, calm.

9pm. Mood stable, but emotional, tearful for no apparent reason.

10.30pm. Slightly anxious, light-headed. Worried, but don’t know what about. Very tired but will be awake by 2am.

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