Secondary care assessment & diagnosis

The waiting is almost over.. possibly. Having presented myself to my GP in early July this year and handed over a letter detailing my lifelong (I am in my 50s) undiagnosed and untreated mental illness, my Secondary Care assessment and diagnosis appointment is next Monday.

I haven’t been to work this week, just couldn’t leave the house. Particularly having slept so very little; racing thoughts, agitated, OCD at 2am and every hour thereafter.

If you’ve been following my random posts on this blog you’ll have heard me say that this diagnosis is almost certain to be one of Bipolar II, possibly with some other issues.

Since I was discharged by Primary Care (after a few appointments) 6-8 weeks ago (because Secondary- had taken me on) I have had no support at all but my health continues to decline quite markedly. Hence the reason for my GP visit.

Actually there was advice, of sorts, to tide me over: ‘if in crisis, go to A&E or ring the Samaritans.’

Needless to say, this hasn’t been any comfort to me during these weeks of ups, downs and – more frequently – mixed states. They’re the most dangerous of course, as you’ll probably know.

So, next Monday.

See you on the other side!

2 comments on “Secondary care assessment & diagnosis

  1. I wasn’t properly diagnosed until I was 39, even though I had been in treatment since I was 18. Once you are properly medicated, receive therapy or attend a support group, your life will become far more manageable. Best of luck.

  2. Red Celt says:

    I hope so, because life is certainly unmanageable at the moment. Thankyou, Kitt.

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