Finally, the day is here

Secondary Care assessment and diagnosis appointment this morning.

25 mins late going in, for their first appointment of the week.. doesn’t bode well. Spent 90 mins with an OT who asked almost all of the questions, and a psych doctor who wrote reams of notes.

Conclusion? Who knows? They like to ask ‘what treatment do you want?’ I tell them: ‘I don’t know, whatever’s best and works. That’s your job! I wouldn’t let you do my job but I wouldn’t expect to do yours either.’

I made a stab at a guess: medication to get me stable then off it as soon as possible and some kind of therapy. He said ‘you’re not far off there’. I was ‘off’ with the ‘coming off drugs asap’ bit it seems…

I pushed for a ‘label’ for diagnosis but they wouldn’t say. Apparently the thing these days is not to use labels as it’s not about a name but a treatment. *yawn

He said: ‘there are a few things going on here.’ They focussed a lot on anxiety as a symptom and a trigger. I hope they don’t do what our Ed Psychs do when they’ve filled their ASD quota and diagnose ‘Anxiety’. I will have to wait to see a consultant now for medication. That won’t be this year..

So again, like the past 8 weeks, I have no help to call on, no treatment. I’m on my own, same as it ever was these past 35 years.

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