Frustration and Hypomania

Horrendous week so far. A weekend of hypomania followed swiftly by a mixed state for the past four days. Sleep.. what’s that? Awake 2.22am.. and looked at my car’s ‘how many miles before fuel needed’ display: 222.

Magical Thinking is one of several things that manifests itself when hypomanic/mixed. But that’s interesting rather than a nuisance. What is a nuisance is the OCD that steps up several gears whilst in these moods. Oh, and the anxiety.

And what really isn’t helping is that I rang for an appointment with my psychiatrist (to start meds) a fortnight ago. Nothing happened so I rang again last week. Nothing’s happened again. Which means I’m going to have to ring a 3rd time.. Do they not realize that this kind of behaviour is not what we need??

And my ‘discharge papers’ arrived now the CBT has finished, from Secondary- back to Primary Care. Which means I’m having no treatment, support or guidance whatsoever at the moment.

As I said, horrendous week..

MH letter

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