Zopiclone.. what is it good for?


Absolutely nothing, and I’ll say it again. Absolutely nothing.

Well, for me at least. Having been given this so I can get some sleep (not slept right through the night even once in 20 years), I took half a tablet Sunday night. I woke up at 5.50am, so a result of sorts. Took the other half Monday night and woke at 2.05am, then 3.10am, then..

So I dived right in with a whole tablet Tuesday night and slept till 5.30am. Didn’t take any at all last night as I had to do the ‘school run’ at 8am this morning. Jeez… that was arguably the worst night of my life. Acute hypomania (I’ve been hypomanic for 5 weeks now, a total break in my rapid cycling norm), and the third time I woke up last night it was still only 12.30am.

To say last night was hell is to let hell get off lightly.

So I googled Zopiclone + hypomania trigger this morning and while there’s a number of articles and threads they seem to be saying that the tablets themselves might be a trigger, rather than what I assumed – stopping them even after just a few days.

Has anyone else here had an issue with Zopiclone when hypomanic (or otherwise)?


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