That thing.

I’ve thought of that thing so very many times in my life it no longer has any meaning. It’s become the norm.

I’ve said the word a thousand times. A thousand thousand times, and it’s nothing more now than any other word.

I was a teenager when I bought not one but two copies of Erwin Stengel’s book, read it cover to cover as if it was a talisman; informing and protecting me from its subject.

It means so little to me now it blurs with breathing, thinking, seeing. Believing. But most of all, knowing. A thousand thousand times.

I still don’t feel protected, however much I feel informed.

2 comments on “That thing.

  1. Troy Williams says:

    Information unfortunately doesn’t equal recovery. I’ve got a master’s in psychology and 25 years experience as a psychologist and yet am on disability due to my mental illness. It is definitely not a case of physician heal they self. My brain is broken and only so much can be accomplished without medical intervention.

    • Red Celt says:

      Indeed you’re right. I think knowing about something can be of use in understanding it however. It won’t make it better, no. But it won’t often make it worse. I was reminded, reading your comment, of Frank Zappa (from: ‘Packard Goose’):

      Information is
      Not knowledge
      Knowledge is
      Not wisdom
      Wisdom is not truth
      Truth is not beauty
      Beauty is not love

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