Autumn Statement

The pitiful thing is, Osborne Cameron et al think they are right and that we love and support them.

They seem oblivious to how much they are hated by the majority of citizens in Britain. How much longer can we go on suffering ‘Austerity’? There is real poverty, hunger and hurt happening and we appear to be just putting up with it. Moaning and sitting on sofas writing on blogs.. rather than getting up, getting out and doing something about it.

People are allowing their Government to fleece, gouge, rob – whichever word you prefer – them and give what they deserve, what they’re owed, to those already wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. Bankers, hedge funds, other politicians, the upper classes..

We must – must – resist this. It must start NOW, before it’s too late. How many people have to die of cold this winter, go hungry or fall ill and lose their jobs, if they indeed still have one?




From each according to…

Children in Need ‘aims to ‘top £26m’ this year from all of us citizens, the majority of which after years of ‘Austerity’ (“we’re all in this together”!) can barely afford to heat our homes properly this winter but who will still dip into our pockets and give what we can afford.

There is a sheer plethora of the rich and famous extolling us to give even more, dusting the endless requests with guilt and glamour.

Gary Barlow alone has a personal fortune of almost £50m. Just saying.