I hate what Hallowe’en has become now – totally American and all about commercialism. When I was a kid it was still about folk beliefs, the festival of Samhain (pronounced, by the way, ‘sow-een’), and we would have fun games as a family such as apple bobbing and other things related to Harvest and the end of summer.

This hijacking of a millennia-old Celtic festival is yet another example of Welsh/Scots/Irish – Celt-  ethnic cleansing by spiritually- and historically bereft Capitalism.

Also, we tell kids not to accept sweets from strangers then one night a year we send them out onto the streets to do just that! No wonder they’re confused!


“Government of Russia @GovernmentRF
#Medvedev: We need an economic system based primarily on private property

Red Celt:
@GovernmentRF I beg to differ. It’s exactly what you DON’T need. Capitalism fed by privatisation has destroyed western Europe. Resist it!”