Assessment balls-up

Oops, it wasn’t today at all. That was my 12 year old car’s MOT test. Psychiatric assessment is tomorrow.

Obviously an easy mistake to make.

Hopefully it’s a good sign that the car passed without any work needed, for the first time ever.


Well, tomorrow is the psych. assessment. As I’ve said, there have been issues without a break since the late 1970s, let’s say 35 years and more. It’s been a long, tough ride, and I’ve spent much of today working at resisting a flood of tears. I’ve succeeded, but it’s worn me out.

Hell, the past 35 years have worn me out.

So tomorrow is the day, after me handing over the letter to the GP locum a couple of months ago. Tomorrow is the day of my psychiatric assessment. I have very, very mixed feelings and anticipations about it. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, after all.

Watch this space..